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Wire transfer casinos

A lot of casinos support this traditional and very safe way to transfer money from your checking account to the checking account of the casino, and vice versa. The procedure to deposit money into your casino account with a wire transfer is as outlined below. The procedure to withdraw money using wire transfer is the same, except for the fact that the initiating party is the casino. Please note that the procedure may vary depending on the casino and the countries and banks of both the sending and receiving parties. Some casinos will perform the procedure for you, if you provide them with the necessary details.

Wire transfer casinos

The following casinos support Wire Transfer, either as a deposit or withdrawal method or both. For each casino we list in the second and third column if they support Wire Transfer as deposit or a withdrawal method. We also provide you with a link to our full review of the casino.

The procedure to perform a wire transfer is described below. More detailed information is often available at the casinos mentioned in the table above.

Get details of casino checking account

You have to have the details of the casino's checking account in order to wire money to it. This includes the name, address, telephone and Swift number of the bank, as well as the checking account number and checking account holder of the casino. For some countries a routing or ABA number is also required.

Contact your bank

Contact your bank and order them to wire the requested amount to the casino's checking account. You have to provide the bank wire information obtained in the previous step. You will be charged a fee for a wire transfer. Sometimes the fees will be covered by the casino.

Contact the casino

Contact the casino and inform them of your wire transfer, including the transferred amount, the transfer date and the details of the originating checking account. Allow the casino up to a week to complete the funds transfer.

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