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ACH casinos

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network is an electronic payments network used by individuals, businesses, financial institutions and government organizations. The ACH began, in 1972, as a system operated by the Federal Reserve Banks at the request of members of local ACH associations. ACH electronic payments provide better cash management capabilities and lower costs than traditional paper payments. The ACH Network now supports electronic payments throughout all 50 states, the US territories and Canada. Efforts are currently underway for the development of a worldwide ACH Network, the Worldwide Automated Transaction Clearing House (WATCH).

An electronic check or ACH direct bank transfer is a bank transfer from your US checking account to another US checking account. You will have to void a valid check from your checkbook and copy the Routing number, the checking account number and the Check number to an electronic check. ACH electronic payments are restricted to US checking account holders. ACH should not be mistaken with Bank Wire, which works a little different and usually involves bank fees to be paid from both parties, while the use of ACH usually is free of charge.

ACH casinos

The following casinos accept ACH, either as a deposit or withdrawal method or both. For each casino we list in the second and third column if they support ACH as a deposit or a withdrawal method. We also provide you with a link to our full review of the casino.

The procedure to deposit money into your casino account using an ACH electronic payment is summarized below. More detailed information is often available at the casinos mentioned in the table above.

Issue a check and void it

Write a check as you would normally do but also write VOID on the check to make it invalid. Keep the check as a receipt.

Provide the casino with the details from your voided check

Depending on the banking interface of the casino you will have to provide the casino with the information on your voided check, in order to issue an electronic check. The following information is required: your full name, your address, the amount to be transferred, the type of your US checking account, i.e. check or savings, your US checking account number, the check number and the 9 digit ABA or routing number of your US bank. The last three numbers can be found on the bottom of your voided check. Sometimes you will also have to fax or scan/e-mail a copy of your voided check for confirmation purposes.

Wait for clearance of the transfer

ACH direct bank transfers normally take between 3-5 business days to clear. Some casinos will credit your casino account before the transfer is cleared, but will require clearance before any withdrawal. Other casinos will only credit your casino account when the transfer is cleared.

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