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Gambling message boards

Many casino portals host gambling message boards where you can discuss everything relating to online casino gambling, and often a lot more. These gambling message boards are an important source of information for online casino gambling, covering topics from playing strategies to the latest casino scam.

Benefits of gambling message boards

You can benefit from frequenting online gambling message boards in a number of ways:

Long before a casino pops up in the blacklists that are maintained by many casino portals, complaints with regards to the casino will start to appear on the major gambling forums. By visiting gambling forums regularly you will be one of the first to know if a casino is experiencing cash-flow problems or just plainly cheating customers. If you are not sure about playing at a casino you don't know, you can post a question to a gambling forum asking for more information.
Casino operators frequently are also members of gambling forums. If you have a genuine dispute with a casino and all means of resolution have been exhausted, posting a message regarding to your problem with the casino will often help to solve the problem, as most casino operators will try to stop a negative thread with regard to his or her casino, as soon as possible.
Some members of gambling forums are well-connected within the online casino gambling industry, for example because they own a casino portal. Sometimes they will offer to mediate between you and the casino in case of a dispute.

Drawbacks of gambling forums

Despite these benefits you should be warned that not all information on a gambling forum is guaranteed to be correct. Some gamblers will attack a casino through a gambling forum just because they lost money, often backing their claim up with very poor statistical observations. Also, some casinos think of gambling forums as a good target for their promotional spam, sometimes going as far as inventing whole threads between non-existing people all accidentally sharing the same IP-address.


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