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Payspark card casinos

PaySpark is an online payment service developed by InfiniaTM. A PaySpark ATM account (formerly known as the Infinia Debit Card) allows you to access your cash at over 600,000 ATM sites, as well as selected Retailers worldwide. The PaySpark ATM account is the perfect alternative to writing checks or to sending wire transfers, and is the perfect solution for affiliate or partner programs. The Payspark Card is a variant of a PaySpark ATM account that is available to selected online gamblers, by invitation only.

Payspark casinos

The following casinos accept Payspark, either as a deposit or withdrawal method or both. For each casino we list in the second and third column if they support Payspark as a deposit or a withdrawal method. We also provide you with a link to our full review of the casino. More detailed information about the Payspark is available at the casinos listed.

PaySpark ATM account benefits

A high daily spending limit of $3000 per day.
Payouts within 48 hours free of charge.
Personalized service.
Interest on credit balances over $500.
Free online banking statements.


The Payspark Card is a private credit card issued to selected online gamblers, by invitation only. At present there is no online application for a Payspark Card. Ask your registered PaySpark merchant if you qualify for a PaySpark ATM account and if you are eligible, your PaySpark merchant will apply for a card on your behalf.

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