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Gambling watchdogs

In this section we will give you an overview of gambling watchdog organizations that are designed to self-regulate the online gambling industry. These watchdog organizations generally proclaim a set of good practices its casino and/or player members have to adhere to, and provide some means to ensure its members do actually live up to these practices.

We have classified these gambling watchdog organizations into two categories. The first category 'main gambling watchdog organizations' represents those gambling watchdog organizations that have a good track record and are well respected and widely used as housekeeping seals throughout the online gambling industry. The second category contains all gambling watchdog organizations which impartiality is not clear to us at present.

Main gambling watchdogs

Interactive Gaming Council

Interactive Gaming CouncilThe Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) is a Canadian based nonprofit organization that targets to enhance customer confidence in the global interactive gaming industry in general, and in its members in particular. The IGC was founded in 1999. Its members pay annual dues ranging from $500 to $10000, depending on their member status (affiliate, associate, full). Among its members you will find casinos, software vendors and casino portals.

Online Players Association

Online Players AssociationThe Online Players Association (OPA), founded in 2000, is a player initiated association consisting of both players and (approved) casino's. Its goal is to provide its members with a safe and enjoyable online gambling experience. The OPA has been voted 'Watchdog Of The Year' for 2001 by readers of Gambling Online Magazine. Players can join the OPA for free, but must accept the Players Code of Ethics. The Players Code of Ethics includes, amongst others, the rules not to open multiple accounts at a casino, only to use your own registered credit cards, and to refrain from spamming a casino.

Gambling Commission

Gambling CommissionThe Gambling Commission is an independent organization with the sole purpose of regulating and discouraging corrupt on-line gaming organizations and daily business operations. Founded in 1999, The Gambling Commission was organized to assure gamblers of a closely monitored, safe on-line gaming environment.


eCOGRA, E-commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, is an independent non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom. eCOGRA is committed to provide a high level of player protection by ensuring it's members comply to eGAP, which stands for eCOGRA Generally Accepted Practices.

Other gambling watchdog organizations

Internet Gaming Commission

Internet Gaming CommissionThe Internet Gaming Commission is an independent watchdog organization that offers a directory of casinos categorized by license category. At least that is what it says on their site. It appears they license any casino that pays them, even rogue ones like CasinoBar, Windows casino and Grand Banks casino.


SafeBetThe independent Internet casino testing laboratory. SafeBet was organized in 1998 to monitor online casinos and help protect gamblers from unscrupulous casino operators In order for an online casino to be certified by SafeBet, it must pass certain tests in both technology and policy depending upon it's level of membership. For Gold and Platinum memberships, both Policy and Technology apply. For Silver memberships, only Policy Adherement apply. Because SafeBet is owned by the gambling software company RealTimeGaming, its impartiality is questionable.

Fidelity Trust Gaming Association (FTGA)

Fidelity Trust Gaming Association was formed in an effort to set a standard for online gaming operations. We believe that, by conducting business with only reputable companies, we can form an alliance of the most fair and professional gaming operations worldwide. To be sure that the companies we support are reputable we do comprehensive background checks on not only the company but the individuals behind the company. We form a close relationship with our members and monitor their business practices frequently.

Ethical Online Gaming Association (EOGA)

Ethical Online Gaming AssociationThe Ethical Online Gaming Association is an independent organization dedicated to the establishment of responsible business practices within the Internet gambling community. In addition to heaping praise upon the online gaming websites that deserve it, EOGA also offers its mediation services at no charge whatsoever to any individual experiencing ongoing difficulties with an online gaming website.

Online Gaming Association (OGA)

Online Gaming AssociationThe Online Gaming Association (OGA) has been created with two goals in mind: to assist online gamblers with their gaming options and to improve the integrity of the online gambling industry, as a whole. As more and more online casinos are launched in this unregulated market and more and more players become part of it, our goals are more compelling than ever.

Off Shore Gaming Association (OSGA)

The Off Shore Gaming Association (OSGA) is a watchdog group that monitors the off shore sports gaming industry. The OSGA lists reputable online sportsbooks and online casinos. The OSGA also has a variety of other sports related tools to help the average bettor.

The Chance Group (TCG)

Established in March 2001, The Chance Group (TCG) is an industry leader located on The Isle of Man. TCG was established as an assurance organization upholding solid security measures, reliable fair play and openness in the online gaming industry.

For a players' view on casino watchdogs visit the player advocates page on Gam


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