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Check casinos

Checks are written orders to instruct your bank to transfer money from your checking account to the checking account of the check-holder. Most casinos will accept checks to fund your casino account. However, please note that some casinos will not accept personal checks. Checks are often used by casinos to send you winnings that exceed your initial deposit. Depending on the casino you may have a choice between various shipment methods. Below you will find a short discussion of the various types of checks and shipping methods that are available.

Check casinos

The following casinos accept checks, either as a deposit or withdrawal method or both. For each casino we list in the second and third column if they support checks as deposit or a withdrawal method. We also provide you with a link to our full review of the casino.

Below a couple of generally known checks and shipping methods are described. More detailed information about checks and shipping methods is often available at the casinos mentioned above.

Types of checks

There are many types of checks available today. We will discuss the most relevant types of checks below. Depending on the bank and whether your are or are not a customer, you will be charged a fee, both to issue and to cash in a check.

Personal or Company check

This is the most common type of check. A personal or company check is issued against a personal or company checking account. Because it is not certified by the bank, the risk of 'bouncing' is higher than that associated with a certified check.

Certified check

A certified check is considered less risky than a personal check, because the bank has certified that the funds are available to the payee. The bank will check your signature, and determine if there are sufficient funds in your checking account to pay the check. Furthermore, the bank will sign the check and certify it by marking, stamping or perforating it, in order to minimize potential fraud. By certifying the check, the bank guarantees payment and becomes liable for the amount certified.

Cashier check

You don't have to have a checking account to write a cashier check. In fact a cashier check is drawn by a bank against itself, provided you pay the bank the amount to be transferred plus a fee. A cashier check is safer than a personal check and less expensive than a certified check.

Shipping methods

Regular Mail

Checks send by regular mail are free of charges, but can take up to 4 weeks to be processed and delivered, subject to your location and country. Furthermore, you run the risk the check is 'lost' in the mail.

Express Mail

International express mail services are offered by shipping companies like FedEx, UPS and DHL. You will be charged a fee, depending on how fast you want the check to be delivered. In general a check may take approximately 2 to 7 working days by courier service.
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