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Casino deposit methods

In this section we will discuss the various casino deposit methods you can use to deposit from and withdraw to your casino account. Please note that not all deposit mehtods are offered by all casinos, and that some casinos are offering online deposit methods that are not discussed here.

Credit Cards

Credit card payments have long been the de facto standard casino deposit method, but a growing number of credit card companies and US banks are refusing to accept credit card payments related to online casino gambling. The reasons that are given are the high chargeback rate that is associated with credit card payments related to online casino gambling, and the uncertain legal climate in the US.

Credit Cards

If you are not able to fund your casino account with your credit card, you should consider using one of the online payment services discussed below.

Personal Internet Accounts

Due to the growing number of credit card companies and US banks refusing to accept credit card payments related to online casino gambling, many Internet casinos are increasingly offering and promoting alternative online payment services, mainly centered around the concept of a Personal Internet Account. A Personal Internet Account can be funded with your credit card and/or banking account. After funding your Personal Internet Account you can use it to perform funds transfers without revealing your credit card details. There are many types of Personal Internet Accounts available today.

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Unfortunately, credit card companies are now also adopting policies that forbid the use of its cards at third-party processors for purposes of Internet gambling. This means it becomes more difficult to fund a Personal Internet Account with your credit card. If you can't fund your casino account or your Personal Internet Account with your credit card or checking account, you may want to use one of the casino deposit methods discussed below.

Online ATM debit cards

Some personal Internet accounts are tied to an ATM debit card. You can use these kind of casino deposit methods both to shop online and off-line, and even withdraw your balance from a local ATM machine.

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900 Pay / TeleBuy

900 Pay is brand new casino deposit method, developed by Navaho Networks Inc. The system doesn’t require you to have a credit or debit card. All you need is a telephone. Your online purchases will be directly billed to your phone bill as a Navaho Networks purchase. Telebuy is available for customers who register a bank account with 900Pay.

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ACH (or Electronic Check Processing)

An electronic check or ACH direct bank transfer is a bank transfer from your US based check or savings checking account to another checking account.

ACH casinos

Wire transfer

A wire transfer allows you to wire money directly from your checking account to the casino's checking account. Often a casino will give you a bonus for depositing with a money order, to cover your transaction costs.

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Checks are written orders to instruct your bank to transfer money from your account to that of the check-holder. Most casinos will accept checks to fund your casino account. Checks are often used to send you your winnings.

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Money Orders

Personal money orders are also called registered checks, and are available at your local bank. You can issue a personal money order without having a checking account.

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