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"CSWISS", "lc" => "review")); ?> lobby gives you a magnificent view of a snow-covered mountainside, as if you were on a ski vacation without the cold! Swiss Casino must be the first casino that's located on top of a Swiss Alp, with a license from the government of Antigua and Barbuda, WI, lol.

But the license is real, and indicative of the high level of integrity, that earned Swiss Casino the loyalty and trust of thousands of players. Furthermore, Swiss Casino's security systems are solid and state of the art, providing you with a 100% guaranteed secure and fair gaming experience.

Swiss Casino's parent company, Intercontinental Online Gaming Ltd, ranks among the oldest and most respected gaming companies. It's software was designed and developed on the popular Playtech platform, a platform almost synonymous with high quality online gaming, that is: a fast download, a clean and intuitive software interface, fast game-play, random games and superb graphics.

Swiss Casino couples the powerful Playtech gaming engine with a unique ski-resort like theme, professional and fast customer service (25 minute e-mail response), an excellent bonus and comp program, and above all, the dedication and commitment to give you a truly wonderful gaming experience.

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