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"CTROPEZ", "lc" => "review")); ?> is owned and operated by Global Interest Gaming Ltd., a registered and fully licensed company located in the Island of Antigua. Casino Tropez software is licensed by Playtech, and currently offers 61 games, including 8 multi-line slots and 9 progressive games. The fairness and integrity of the random generator is guaranteed by the international accounting firm BDO. Payback percentages are reviewed on a monthly basis by the Online Players Association (OPA).

In my opinion Casino Tropez is one of the best casinos out there in terms of customer service, meaning 24/7 support by a professional team who know what they are talking about. They also payout fast and efficient, and provide a large number of withdrawal methods. The software downloads pretty fast, certainly if you consider the large amount of quality graphics the software uses.

Casino Tropez has a flawless track record with regard to treating their players fair and professional. Player disputes are rare, if not nonexistent.

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