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Caribbean Stud Poker strategy

Never take the bonus bet

In Caribbean Stud Poker you are offered to place a $1 side bet, to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. Only a Royal Flush pays 100% of the jackpot. A Straight Flush pays 10% of the jackpot and other hands pay fixed amounts of money. Do *not* take this bet, because you are unlikely to find a jackpot that is high enough to overcome the very high house edge on this bet.

Tip: The best Caribbean Stud bets (with the lowest house edge) are offered by Micrograming casinos.

Optimal Caribbean Stud Poker strategy

The optimal strategy for playing Caribbean Stud Poker can become very complicated, when you hold an ace and a king. The house edge for Caribbean Stud Poker, assuming optimal strategy, is 5.2%. The strategy that is offered here is much simpler, at a cost of an increase of the house edge by 0.1%.

Raise on any pair or better. Note that this includes raising on a low pairs like a pair of two's or three's, although these bets are associated with a net average expected loss. The point is that the net average expected loss for *not* raising these hands is even higher.
Fold on anything less than ace/king.

Raise only on ace/king when one of your cards matches the rank of the dealer's up card.

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