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Baccarat strategy

The optimal baccarat strategy can be summarized in five easy rules:

Always bet on the banker, as this bet has the lowest house edge.
Look for games with as few decks as possible.
Look for games that charge a commission on banker bets lower than 5%.
If you intend to bet on a tie from time to time, look for baccarat games that pay 9 to 1 on a tie bet instead of the usual 8 to 1.
Don't let your bets guide by results of previous bets.

Tip: The best Baccarat bets (with the lowest house edge) are offered Micrograming casinos and Boss Media casinos, because they offer single-deck Baccarat.

Baccarat house edge

The house edge for the Banker bet is approximately 1.06% (approaching 1% as the number of decks falls from the usual 8 to only one deck, as in Microgaming casinos). The house edge for the player bet is a little higher, i.e. around 1.24%. The house edge on the tie bet approaches 14.4%, assuming a 8 to 1 payoff. If the tie bet pays 9 to 1 the house edge drops to 4.8%.

Bet Pays off House edge
Banker 19 to 20 1.06%
Player 1 to 1 1.24%
Tie 8 to 1 14.4%
Tie 9 to 1 4.8%


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