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Poker Hand Rankings

Check out the Poker Hand Rankings to see all of the possible poker hands in order from best to worst. At the end of the poker hand, the player with the five card combination ranked highest on the Poker Hand Ranking list wins.

How to play Online Poker

There are more variations of Online Poker than any other game I can think of, yet by far the most popular poker game in the world is Texas Hold’em. I will concentrate on the rules for Hold’em Poker in this lesson. They say this game takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. Well, here is your first minute of learning :)
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Simple Pot Odds

One of the hardest things to learn in Hold’em Poker is to not chase cards on the turn or the river, unless of course, it is profitable for you to do so. Learning how to calculate pot odds is your mathematical solution to making this decision.
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Online Poker strategies

Everyone plays poker differently. You are not going to be able to find one page which tells you how to beat every poker player because everybody has their own style. Frankly, if I had all of the answers on how to beat everybody I would be in Vegas and on TV winning millions and I would never have a bad poker day. I have never seen what I am about to write in another advice or strategy column anywhere, so maybe I will be able to teach you something new.
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Bankroll Management

One of the biggest problems I have had personally is bankroll management. I can’t tell you how many techniques I tried over the first year of online poker play. Every one of those techniques failed and every site ultimately took my entire roll. What I have finally discovered is that only one technique works and every good poker player has already mastered the skill, most have just not applied it to their bankroll yet.
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Badly played Poker Hands

Here are four hands you have to play carefully. All four of these hands are regularly beaten, and all four are typically over-played: Flush with four spades on the table and a low kicker, Straight with cards on the low end in your hand, High pair and Two Pair,
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